Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Test Quilt

I don't always get to see my quilt patterns test versions in person. My pattern testers don't all live in my town, or go to my guild. {Especially not since the great move of 2009.} But I am lucky, one of the pattern testers is my own Mom. Yeh, who will be more brutally honest about typos and layout than a mom?? My mom lives 10 hours away and came to visit this weekend. She brought me the sample for Half Square Triangle Jubilee. Her version doesn't include any military uniform fabric and I thought I'd share it with you.

And she does mid-arm machine quilting on her Hinterberg frame. I thought I'd go ahead and show you a little picture of that too. She's a big fan of the meandering.

The quilt colors are so home and so fall. I do think my more wild side might make another Half Square Triangle Jubilee in wild crazy bright colors. Its only a matter or time, really.

Thanks for letting me see the lovely finished top.