Sunday, January 4, 2009

Spring 2009 Quilt Block Swap

Spring 2009 Swap!

I love sampler quilts, but I often find its time consuming to cut each block individually and piece them one at a time. So, in efforts to have another sampler quilt and to CeLEbRaTE my 1st year anniversary blogging at : I’m hosting a Centralized Quit Block swap. Here’s how it works-

A centralized swap is one where you mail all 9 of your blocks to me, then I swap them out and mail them (8 others + one of your own blocks) back to you in your PROVIDED self-addressed stamped envelope. Take your finished blocks to the PO without sealing the package. Have them weigh your bundle and buy that amount of postage, plus $.20 to be certain, and stick on your return envelope. Place that envelope in with the blocks and send it on its way.

International players are more than welcome to hop in. I will be shipping from my US Post Office (73521) - so the “return stamp” needs to be US or you can send paypal in the exact shipping amount of your return postage, and I’ll just buy the stamp for you when I mail out the swap packages. {If you have a better method for International Return Postage, please email me! I'm open to suggestions.}

The swap is a Rainbow Sampler.

1. Maroon
2. Red
3. Orange
4. Yellow
5. Light Green
6. Dark Green
7. Light blue
8. Dark Blue
9. Purple

The Details: You pick the color you want to work with, from the pallet pictured above, and one block, from Then you make 9 identical monochromatic blocks. The blocks should measure 12.5” square, so that they will be 12” square when sewn into your new quilt. The foreground color should be the color you selected and the background color should be white or tone-on-tone white. Please use 100% cotton fabrics. You do not have to sign the blocks if you don’t want to, but please do include a paper name tag pinned to the back of EACH your blocks, so the recipient will know who else has generously swapped. Name tags should have your first name, city and state.

edited to add: Your colors can pattern or solid, as long as your blocks "read" monochromatic + white/tone-on-tone white. You can see my Yellow block here.

The swap is designed for 9 total players per section. If we have more than 9, I’ll open up a second section. I will be linking all the players in the side bar of my blog, so even if you see 18 or 27 names, you’re only making 9 blocks.

Skill Level: Since you get to pick whatever block you like- it’s a good swap for all skill levels. If you are a quilting master, sure pick something with a lot of triangles. If you are a beginner, go with some kind of modified 9-patch block. Quilter’s Cache has blocks for every type of quilter.

Sign Up: Email me or post a comment with your color choice (by number) and block choice. If someone has already chosen a color you desire, please choose a different one. You’re runner-up color; that way we’ll still get the rainbow effect per section. Can you join twice to yield a larger quilt? Sure- but you’ll have to make sure you are in two different sections in order to yield 18 blocks. In fact, if you’re considering joining twice- you might want to wait to sign up the second time- to see if we need to fill in some sections. {Please check the side bar where I've listed the Swap sections to see whats available.}

Time line:

There will be 3 weeks to sign up. Sign ups close Jan 26th, at the end of the day. I’ll add all the names & links in on the 27th.

There will be 8 weeks to finish the 9 blocks. Blocks need to be in the mail by March 23rd. I will swap them as soon as each section is received and drop them back in the mail as quickly as possible. Depending on how far the mail has to travel- Hopefully, we’ll all have the makings of a sampler quilt right around April 15th, USA Tax Day.

Think about it. Tell your friends and grab a blog button to enjoy the fun! Oh, if you want to go all html crazy and link your blog button- you can link it to this post or to this blog. Thanks!

Thanks for playing. I look forward to virtually meeting you! ~jen~

Update Jan 5, 2009: Section 1 is officially full. Section 2 is open for your choices.
Update Jan 9, 2009: Section 2 has TWO spots left, Yellow and Dark Blue. Section 3 will open soon.
Update Jan 11, 2009: Section 2 is officially full. Section 3 is now open with ALL color choices available. Tell your friends and grab the little SWAP blog button.
Update Jan 14, 2009: Section 3 has ONE color left - DARK GREEN. As soon as its taken, I'll open up Section 4.
Update Jan 14, 2009: Section 3 is full full full and Section 4 is wide open!
Update Jan 21, 2009: Section 4 will be THE LAST section in the swap. As of this morning we still need 6 players. Tell a friend!
Update Jan 24, 2009: Only two days left for sign up! Section 4 is still open and has 3 color/spots left! Jump in with both feet. First-time-swappers are welcome.
Update Jan 26, 2009: Ok, the swap sign-up is officially closed. To my delight, we ended up with 4 even sections, and my real-life guild. That's 45 total players. Thank you so much. Check out my blog or the blogs listed in the side bar to view some of the sewing progress! You can also see more blocks from the swap in our flickr group.

NOTES: If you missed the swap and the sign-up deadlines, you can still join a similar swap, hosted over at Jane's Fabrics and Quilts Blog.



The Jen said...

I'll start it off. I'm picking #4 Yellow, Road to Oklahoma.

Karen M said...

What fun. I would like make orange squares (button #3), Flyfoot.

Owens Family Adventures said...

I'll take #6...dark green.

Leigh said...

How fun! I will choose Maroon, door number 1! (PS I may have a few questions later, LOL)

Wanda said...

Mother May I have Color #7 and I'll do Shoofly.

Sherry said...

I would like to join this swap. . .can I do PURPLE colors in the Antique Tile pattern??

Please, please, pretty, pretty please???!!!


In peace & pieces,

Sherry V.

rachel griffith said...

okay okay okay.
i need another swap like i need a hole in the head...but i walked away from the computer and still had the desire to sign here i am.

i will take color #5. light green.
and i'll do the pinwheel block.
{can't have a sampler without a pinwheel block!!!}

thanks for hosting a fun looking swap.

Dianah said...

I will take 2 RED!!! I will go look for a block next.


Dianah said...

My block with be either Road to California or the Rocky Road to California.


Jessy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
requilt said...

I would like to join, too.
My first choice is the burgundy/maroon (color 1) and my second choice is red and my third choice is light blue. I can even pick another color if these are already taken.
I would like to do an amish diamond block.
Rita E in AZ
requilt (at) yahoo (dot) com

Rebecca said...

i would like to do light blue (7) and dutchman's puzzle, please. thank you, ma'am.

Anita said...

I'd love to join in (from Australia). I will take either Dark Blue or Dark Green. Not sure of the block yet.

Sherry said...

Hi Jen:

If you open up section #3 could I sign up for that one also?

YELLOW #4 Box Kite

or if yellow is taken Dark Green #6, same pattern.

I was just thinking that I would like to have a larger quilt & this way I only would have to make 18 blocks!



Babs Williams said...

Are there any colors left? if so sign me up for whichever color is left.

The Jen said...

Babs- I don't have your contact info to let you know Section 2, Dark Green is available.

Babs said...

tell me how to send you my contact info

Dragon's Dolphin said...

PLEASE can I do light blue in a Mixed T block(s) I've never done this kind of thing, but I really want to try it! So please don't set me up with a bunch of professional quilters! LOL There is a first time for everything right? So, let me try it! Thanks (in advance).
Crafting/Quilting Together, Shelly

rachel griffith said...

do you want us to mail all 9 blocks to you or mail you 8, keeping one for ourselves???
it doesn't matter to me, just curious.

i'm asking this here just in case someone else was wondering the same thing.


The Jen said...

Oh yes, mail all 9 to me and I'll mail you 9 (8 others + 1 of yours) back to you. I should add that in the original post. Thanks.

Ginny said...

I would like to do shoofly in yellow.

The Jen said...

Ginny, I've got you added- I'll need to get your email address so I can send you the mail-to info later. Also, Jessy from Section 2, I need your email.

Kim said...

how fun -- found you on sew mama sew -- I'd like to join in and do oh susannah in orange :) K

Amanda H. said...

I am so game for this!!

Orange -- Log Cabin for me. :)

The Jen said...

Amanda H - Orange is taken in Section 3. Do you have a back-up color, or orange will be available when Section 4 opens up.

N. Canadas said...

I'll love to join in. I'll sign up for #8 dark blue- Go Along #2. If Dark Brown isn't available I'll take #1 Maroon.

Amanda H. said...

Light green would be my second choice. Sorry I missed that on the first try!

Shelley said...

I'd like to take light blue (#6?) for the next group. I'm going to try My Blue Heaven! :)

Shelley said...

haha...OK, it's #7 light blue.

Shelley said...

Scratch the blue...let's fill up #3..I'll run for #1 Maroon. Still Blue Heaven for a design. Cool? Thanks so much for this creative collaboration! I'm excited!

The Jen said...

Ok, thank you so much for filling up Section 3! I'll open Section 4. Also, I need to get your email address, Shelley, Ginny and Jessy, so that I can send out the shipping info later.

The Jen said...

My mistake- we also have DARK BLUE available in SEction 3- then it will be closed and Section 4 will open. ~jen~

Missy said...

Can I join? I'll take any color that is left, and I'd like to do the "Love in a Mist" block.

Also, since I'm at an FPO address would you be willing to send the blocks back to me priority mail if I send the money with my blocks?

This really sounds like fun!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun swap. I'd like dark green, Churn Dash. Second choice Maroon.

Stephanie said...

This is my first swap and I love this quilt concept. I'd like orange please, for a Colorwheel block.

Anonymous said...

I'll do a 2nd set in dark blue
Prairie Queen

Barb said...

Barb from American Samoa, light blue in Arkansas Crossroads

Anonymous said...

Can I play? I would like to do color 3 please.

custatistic said...

Hi! I'd like to get in on the next swap. Can you e-mail me?


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh, I am so sad, I just found your swap, if you ever do it again, or if you would allow anyone to copy your swap idea please let me know. what a super idea, I will enjoy watching it all un-fold.

CUStatistic said...


I finished my blocks and am on my way to the post office. I'm including a fat quarter as a hostess gift.

Thanks for including me!


CUStatistic said...


I had so much fun with this! If you do a similar swap, be sure and contact me, please!


CUStatistic said...

Or car won't start! I'll be on it's way tomorrow.


CUStatistic said...

Hi All!

How are things going? I bet your house looks like a rainbow! I can't wait to see my blocks.