Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Thread

Ok, when I showed you my studio pics I may have mentioned that 20+ thread cones that still needed a home. After talking with a friend of mine from college, I thought- Hey, I own wood and screws and a drill, I'm pretty sure I can make a rack for my spools.

Wanna see it???

I ended up using a 2x2 piece of wood, about 40" long, with screws drilled in at a 45 degree-ish angle. My plan was to put the spools onto each screw. The whole length of wood is screwed into the wall on the right and left sides. Nothing fancy there.

But then I realized I could also use that 2" depth as a shelf. That means TWICE as much thread storage as I had originally planned.

Looks like I've got some sewing to do!