Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Are you all thinking about 2010 yet? I'm a big fan of the gift calendar. Each year I make a digital scrapbook style calendar for the grand's. This year is no different... but with all this calendar thought, I realized that I don't make myself one.

Well, that's about to change! Let me show you the beginning of my calendar. Its pretty much done in the "design wall" stage of where should I put stuff. In fact, I am about 80% finished with it.

I'm making the months to go in the blank space {via velcro back} and I'll have move-able numbers for each of the dates. Those dates will probably be safety pinned from the back side.

Hopefully I'll be showing you a finished calendar sometime BEFORE 2010! Stay tuned.


Leigh said...

Jen, I see another pattern in a magazine with this one girl! Finish it up and send it in!

mascanlon said...

Oh gosh Jen! Its fabulous, send it off and grab a big spot in a magazine next fall. Its a great family gift.