Monday, December 8, 2008


Its Handmade Ornament time around our house! As is the tradition- we're ready to make our annual crafty ornaments. I'm posting this family-ee post on my design blog because this year, we've got FABRIC Quilted Ball Ornaments. They turned out pretty neat, too. Let me get the tutorial link for ya.

Through a series of pins and folding- with a handful of 2.5" squares and a Styrofoam ball- all of a sudden there's a star quilt block ornament. No sewing, no real mess, and the kids really enjoyed my fabric. I have to tell you- I have a HANDFUL of 2.5" squares left over from the Houston Quilt Show demo.

In the past we've done bread dough ornaments, thumb print ornaments, ceramic ornaments, and that's just since I've been bloggin'. So this year its Quilted Ball ornaments.

The kids seemed pretty happy to get to use my pins and fabric. We did choose the wrong size Styrofoam balls- but it worked out. The design still went together just as the tutorial said. The problem came at the end, when I had to cover up the raw edges of the fabric- I'm guessing the larger diameter balls would make it easier to wrap ribbon around the "equator". I ended up using bias tape, to get the stretch without the wavy wrinkles. If you make these, you'll see what I'm talking about.

The kids were so pleased with theirs, they wanted to give them to their teachers as gifts- TODAY. We still have 2 weeks of school before its officially "teacher gift day" and yet... they took these balls in, wrapped, this morning. {I'm sure stranger things have happened to these nice ladies. Right??} We do still have a few Quilted Balls left, from my test ones- so there are still annual ornaments for the little tree.

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Happy Holidays!!!


Owens Family Adventures said...

Wow...that second picture of your girl...totally looks like you!!!!!! Great idea with the ornaments!!

My Thanh said...

I remember making something like this in 5th grade art class! Only we didn't use pins. We used nail files to simply push the fabric edges into the fabric. Looks like you had fun!

Dawn said...

they did a great job on the ornaments! a fun tradition.