Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Quilt Market


I am so glad I was offered the chance to launch Seamingly Accurate(tm) at Quilt Market. Thank you Quiltwoman.com! The experience was unforgettable, educational, exhausting, humbling, and SO much more. Yes, I'm a bit *green* but you know, at this rate I'll have the awe-struck look wiped off in no time. But for now- it was SO SURREAL!

The product was very well received. Its a useful, practical, affordable product- what's not to like? I'm flattered! Thank you to all the Quilt Market guests who stopped by to see the demonstration and hear about the Seamingly Accurate(tm) uses.

My product was picked up by a major distributor this weekend too! So whooohooo! Happiness runneth over!

Now, wanna see how that skirt turned out??? Well... 19" is not quite long enough for someone who... isn't in her twenties. So I made a double skirt, with the white under skirt peeking out.

I didn't make or design any of those quilts. All the patterns for those beauties are carried through Quiltwoman.com. Speaking of...

Here's a portion of the Quiltwoman.com team:

Nancy, Me (with my eyes shut, no less!), Corine, and Barb. Barb is the highest selling pattern designer for Quiltwoman.com. Her patterns make use of those super cute fabric "panels". She has 24 designs available. All of the ladies in the booth, Vicki and Toby also- were so nice. It was great fun.

Guess who else got to go help me launch??? Mi Madre!!!

Mom did a great job stirring the interest in the product and asking shop owners if they'd like to see my demonstration. Good job, MOM!!! (Don't you love the aprons?!- The Quiltwoman.com team made those and brought them down from NY for the show.)

Now- for me personally, I did get to meet the people that I set out to meet/see. I got photos with 3 or 4 of them, too! ...Heather Bailey, Anna Maria, Melissa Averinos, Mark Lipinski, BJ Lantz, Sandi Henderson, Amy Butler, Elanor Burns, Ricky Tims, and more... (I'm not going to link all those names....) I got to check out the jcaroline team, which was very cool. Their booth was beautiful and even won a "best single booth" design award. I did miss a few designers, but not for lack of trying. It seems to be a strange conversation starter to say "OH, Its so nice to meet you. I follow your blog." Maybe thats the new ice-breaker of the 2000's??? But you know- that is why I wanted to meet them {most of them} in person. I'm going to keep the "fan" pictures for myself, though. I will tell you though, Anna Maria and Amy Butler are WAY taller than I expected.

And in the Quilt news department- I posted the photos from the juried show over on webshots. This is just a small fraction of them! And wow, if you sew or quilt at all- you will get chills looking at some of these quilts (in real life). I do hope the photos inspire you, as they did me. OH- and I cannot believe I didn't get a picture of the "Man Coming out of the Water" Wooohoooo, baby, that was a good lookin quilt! Maybe someone can link it for us.

Edited to add- Thank you Corine- here's the link to the ARTIST's website- the gentleman who created that beautiful *grin* "water" quilt I referenced. Its called Reflection.

What a weekend. I've got so many notes to make and so much work to organize and knock-out. Boy, talk about a professional crash course!

I had the best time! It was easily one of the most exciting weekends of my 32y existence. I've never been so tired and so happy (and not had a newborn baby)!!! ~jen~


Audrey said...

You go girl!!!!

Owens Family Adventures said...

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you girlfriend!!!! I have my Seamingly Accurate on my machine and am loving it! No more buying thangles to make half square triangles for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Girl you are a superstar! I can't wait "till my things arrive so I can start sewing again, I'll have to get a Seamingly Accurate soon! Ms. Carmen, oh, btw we are in the land of Aloha already.

Corinne said...

"I cannot believe I didn't get a picture of the "Man Coming out of the Water" Wooohoooo, baby, that was a good lookin quilt!" Was it perhaps this quilt?