Monday, December 8, 2008

The Painted Snowman

Ok, sometimes I like to paint. I follow a few watercolor blogs and boy, I just love their work. I'm not quite as good as the watercolor bloggers... heh... which is why this is a sewing blog! So the other day, I decided to paint my little snowman, from the Snowman Tutorial. Needless to say, I'm not going to be posting the photos side by side. You'll just have to click the link. I like how it turned out, even if its just to entertain me. I then started thinking... I might want to send this little guy to Spoonflower. I'd need to do some work on him first-

I like them. They're having a little party to celebrate the fact that they look like GourdMen rather than Snowmen. Way to stand out guys! I suppose thats only fitting since I've only seen snow a couple years during my entire existence. The first time I really saw snow, I was 19. Heck, the first time I lived north of I-10 I was 24. Power to the GourdMen! hee hee. We'll see if I actually send it to Spoonflower. I've got to work on the color a bit more. ~jen~

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