Monday, December 8, 2008

The Burgundy Applique Quilt

I started working on this one quilt top about... um, well over a year ago. It didn't take a year to finish, but here we are MORE than a year later and tonight it is done! I don't usually work with the super traditional colors- so this is kinda out-of-the-box for me.

I made the appliquéd center when my mother-in-law visited us out in Korea and taught me how to properly appliqué. I thought it was great. I tend to get ambitious when I see appliqué work. After the first hour or so- that ambition is right out the window. As you can tell from the design- its mostly pieced, with a few circles thrown in for good measure.

The quilt top was finished in July of 2007. It was machine quilted over the late summer of 2008, and I finally finished the burgundy binding tonight. I'm loving that stippling around all the appliqué bits.

Very exciting stuff here in my casa. Oh, and the quilt measures 80" square. I'm so happy to cross another project off that "please don't let me become a UFO" list.

3 Blog posts in one day... have I lost my mind???

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Anonymous said...

Way to go!!! How many more UFOs?