Friday, September 5, 2008

Did I win??

Ok, the quilt guild was yesterday afternoon. It was super fun and I even did a show'n'tell with my Interlocking Squares quilt. Unfortunately, I didn't win the lotto blocks. There were about 23 of them! Holy smokes. Shame, those would have looked great in my black-white-red kitchen.

The county fair is this weekend. I did take three entries.

I found out yesterday that my 3D sampler is probably not eligible for anything since, I made it over two years ago. I know that "when its made" is generally an important detail in all kinds of show entries, but I couldn't find any restrictions in the rules, so I entered it anyway. One of the county fair organizer ladies is in our quilt guild, though, and it turns out that it should be made in the past two years. On the back of this one, the label has the date.

Edited to add- I re-read the rules this afternoon and could not find ANYWHERE the "within two years" rule. So maybe its not a rule at all... who knows?

I'll be heading up to the fair grounds on Saturday to see if I won anything. I don't think there are "prizes" but I have no idea. I'll keep you posted. ~jen~

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Eileen said...

Well I really hope you qualified. All your stuff you took is nice. Good luck!