Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quilt Guild and the Wonky Name Tag!!!

I'm so excited to be attending my first guild meeting in September. Its a regular quilt guild in a cozy small town. It is this coming week.

I was a guild member in Ohio. That guild was crazy big and had lots of money to bring in big name guest speakers. I learned TONS in that guild. It was wonderful. I was also a guild member in New Mexico. That guild had about 20 regular ladies and a wonderful friendship support type feeling. In Korea, well, we didn't really have a quilt guild. We had an independently organized sew-day with a couple friends. That was just a super fun, very productive, gab fest. It was great.

So to say this is "my first" guild meeting is a little misleading, but it IS my first meeting here in Oklahoma. This guild does a fat quarter swap and a lotto block. I'm entering my name twice this month for Lotto Block and here's the blocks:

The guild instructions are to make it in certain colors with Black with White prints and also White with Black prints and a tone-on-tone. I just cannot wait to see how many blocks are made this month. I was told its a very popular guild event and they have around 20 ladies submit blocks. (WOWSER! I hope I win!!!!!)

Also, for guild meetings, as you probably know- you need a name tag. I had a name tag, two cities ago... but I cannot find it. I decided that was probably just as well, since I remember it looking kinda funky anyway. I wrote my name on the fabric name tag with a pen, so certainly I can make it a bit fancier this time around. I came up with a great flying-geese paper piecing pattern with a cute little flower on the left. It was the size of a business card. {Maybe I can scan and post the image, later.} It looked great (on paper) and then I sat down with my scraps to "whip it right out." WELL- turns out sewing REALLY small is significantly harder than sewing a reasonable size. I trashed that whole deal. -> redesign-> I went with this:

Those darn little blue squares are a 1/4th inch, each!!! Those blocks are 3/4" square(ish). HA. And the whole thing is about 3" wide. Yes, if you look at the picture and start adding in your head it doesn't work out, but thats ok. Its small. Its bigger than a business card, but not by much. Holy smokes. I think in 25 years I'll look back and say "I remember when I made this name tag one Labor Day in Oklahoma. It was for my first guild meeting." We'll see. For now, I'll just call it My Wonky Name Tag.

Check back, I'll let you know who won all those lotto blocks! ~jen~

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Andrea said...

I LOVE those blocks - keeping my fingers crossed you win - lol !