Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fabric Cards

I just wanted to share a picture of these scrappy fabric cards I've made. I laid out a small handful of scraps and lightly tacked them in place with craft glue. I then stitched all over the card. The fabric will fray a bit, but its not going anywhere. I'm already thinking this is what our Christmas cards look like. {We'll see, if I actually do that though.} They were quick enough and fun to make. The two friends that received the cards seemed to like them, too. The card looks better in person since the white thread is kinda washed out on the oatmeal cardstock. ~jen~


Owens Family Adventures said...

I got mine in the mail yesterday and loved it!!!! What a wonderful way to use up all of our scraps. I am going to steal this idea and look really good and crafty at Christmas time! heeheehee

eileen said...

These are very cute and clever!