Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Recycled Uniforms

Ok, I love making clothes. The only thing with clothes is that there's alot more thought in them. Well, not thought, but skill and technique. They have to fit, they have to be shaped, they should be sized accurately and your MUST know how to cover your mistakes. They also require more fabric.

Lately, I have made some clothes, but mostly I've been making bags and home-sew things for local clients. I've been making bags out of recycled uniforms. The owner of this bag, in the link, had it out at a couple functions around town here and I've received tons of referrals. Very exciting stuff. Thanks!!!

In fact, I was asked to have a booth at the next Spouses event. I'm so flattered. I was hoping to start building and inventory in hopes of doing some sort of design or craft fair next fall... gotta get my name out there, right??? So, I suppose I'll bring all that inventory up to the event in March. Hooray!

Wanna see what I'm working on to take up there? In addition to most of my Etsy inventory, I'll be taking these little make-up bags and wristlets, made from wild fabrics + recycled uniforms.

I got these great new labels from JennifersJewels on Etsy. I love them and they are so clear and easy to read. I added them, prominently, on my little bags. I figured it worked for kate spade, right??

I'll have many more items for sale also, its only February, so check back to see what else is headed to the booth.

See you soon, at the March event or at Etsy. ~jen~



Owens Family Adventures said...

Cute bags girlfriend!!!

Becky said...

They look great! I think they'll be a big hit at the show. I'll definitely sent you M@s when he gets his new ones.

melissa@yummygoods said...

what a great idea! very creative, using the uniforms that way!