Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Have ya'll seen these?

Have you seen these???

Of course you have! I'm certain you've been following my every design moves since I graduated college. AHAHAHA. No seriously, these large tote bags are getting great reviews in and around town. {Good thing I live in a military town!}

All it takes is one military shirt and one yard of fabric. (I used Michael Miller fabric in the bag pictured.) Its got zippers and pockets and patches and unit stuff. Now, this bag will get you noticed, show your hip side, represent, but I'm pretty sure it will not make you breakfast. I'm telling you, I'm pretty sure you need one for yourself.

These bags stand on their own, and as my friend says, "They enter a room before you do." So ... I'm pretty sure thats a compliment.

**Just a note though- these bags are not quilted. The Camp Follower Bag Lady makes the quilted ones. Her work is amazing too. She's got many different styles and coordinating pieces.

If you're diggin' my bags, contact me for more information. Alrighty- Have a great Wednesday. I"m off to work on my 7 aprons to list on Etsy for Mother's day. Yes, I certainly will not make Valentine's Day and I don't think I'll plan far enough ahead for Easter... So Mother's Day it is! heheeh. ~jRe~


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