Wednesday, February 20, 2008

She is quilted

The quilt, she is quilted. I refer to the Hop Skip Jump as if its a grande ship, right? She is small and she is quilted and bound and finito! I wanted to mark this quilt top with a quilting pattern, since thats something I never do. I decided to repeat the hop-skip-jump motif over the large body of the quilt. It yielded a bunch of "wonky" (as my friend says) lines, but I think it still works. I used my quilting ruler and tailors chalk to draw the lines over the whole thing. Since she is small, I went ahead and quilted it myself, instead of using Karen's fabulous machine quilting service.

I cannot decide if the slightly slanted quilting lines really repeat the motif well, or if they just look like "Oh Jen has not concept of parallel" We'll see. It has to grow on me a bit more. It is a great crib or toddler bed size.

Ok- thanks for checking it out. Have a great afternoon! ~jen~