Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm exhausted

I've got a few irons in the fire. First, we're moving in a couple months. I need to get all the things on my to-do list wiped off before our move back to America.

Next up, commission jobs. I love working with people so, sewing for them has been a big treat. They brainstorm with me to develop exactly what they want, and volia, commission jobs. Wait 'til you see this black/white/green bedroom I've been working on for a client!!! Photos coming soon.

Also, I have this booth for the spouses group. I'd like to have a fair inventory for that. Sew sew sew! And I will be tagging all my finished items with prices, like a *real* store. Heh.

Oh, and I think I have an Etsy store, although I haven't added anything new to it in a couple-a-three weeks. Not too worry. The craft/booth extra inventory will be featured in my shop on March 21st.

AND- in my spare time, I brushing up on my painting (HAHAHA, like the pun?) and trying to do as many PhotoShop tutorials as possible. I've got big plans. I found this photoshop tut page online this weekend. Check it out here. Holy Right-Click, Batman, its awesome.

Let me show you the newest bags I've finished for clients-
This first one is a big 14" square bag. Its not a cube, though. Its designed to be a big book tote. Its the design idea of Stacie. Her bag is fully reversible, but for some reason, I didn't remember to take a photo of the bag reversed. ??? If you see my brain, tell it hi for me and that I truly miss it!

Next up, another wildly popular Army Cube. This is the first bag I've made using the new army uniform. Her husband washed it with a ball point pen... OOOPS! ~but hooray for her and I! So this uniform bag has all the Velcro that the new ACU's have. Its an awesome feature because she can switch her name tape "USArmy" or "HotMama" or "Chef" or "Stellar" or whatever, any time she likes. Heck, she could have seven tapes made and wear a different one each day of the week. I like that feature quite alot. The USAF new uniforms do not have Velcro pieces.

Thanks for keeping up with my newest things. I hope to show you the black/white/green bedroom and some aprons & gym bag-style hand bags pretty soon. ~jen~

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Owens Family Adventures said...

Girlfriend I am tired just reading about all you do!
Cute bag though!!!!!! :)