Friday, January 28, 2011

Recycled Wool Sweater for 18" Dolls

A while back I posted that I was using up some felted wool sweaters for all sorts of crazy things.  

...And I might be hoarding the felted wool scrap pieces...

Well, am I glad I did!  Turns out, adorable little doll shrugs don't require very much fabric.  I was also able to plan my cuts to have the finished original sweater ribbing fall right along the sleeve edges.

The grey sweater is Lamb's wool and the red one is cashmere (from the GAP, no less).

The shrugs turned out great, but I really wanted to make t-shirts to go under the sweaters.  Is that a weird thing to want to do, yeah, maybe.  So what.  Whilst the hubbs was at work, I *might* have snagged a v-neck undershirt (worn with USAF blues) and well...  um.... chopped it up.  I used the original lower edge hem of the t-shirt to also be the lower edge hem of the doll's tank top.

I wanted to also show you a picture of how I made the closure on the back.  I pretty much just folded the cut edge to the inside of the shirt, and added a velcro strip at the top/shoulder/neck area.

The patterns for the shrug, shirt and pants are my own original designs.


Corinne said...

What are you going to give me if I don't tell your hubby you are raiding his t-shirts to dress dolls? Huh??? :-)

Melissa said...

Cute! I love felted sweaters.

Dumpster Dude said...

Very cute, great work, recycled clothes for dolls appreciate it.