Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sewing Machine Guts

FINALLY a blog post on the sewing/design blog that my dad will like.  =)  

I went to a sewing machine shop today to pick up a tiny post which holds the spool of thread at the top of the machine.  Somewhere in the 6 moves in the past 11 years, it got lost or broken off or something.  And, it never hurts to throw a few more bobbins into the shopping cart.  I'm the last of the big spenders, leaving at under $5.00.

While I was there, a sewing machine was in the operating room.  I felt kinda bad.  I'm sure its family was sad, too.  I mean look at this poor thing.  The cool thing is that the shop will probably have it up and running in a couple hours.  I've never seen this FAR into an electronic machine.  Who knew?!  Very cool.  And yes, the repair tech definitely thought it was crazy that I wanted a picture.  Sorry for the quality, its a cell phone picture.  But wow- circuit boards, wire, gear, parts, shiney stuff, dull stuff, oh it goes on and on.

I was strangely fascinated by this machine.  I thought you guys might want take a peek inside.  (Sorry I don't have the model number.  Lets just say that is in the operating room privacy rules.  ha!)


Gene Black said...

Ah those HIPPA privacy rules. I didn't know they extended to sewing machines. Ha ha.

Any idea what the floppy disk on the left was for?

Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

Oh my gosh, Gene, I didn't even see that floppy! Wow. I didn't ask...

pamela said...

All I can say is "Way Cool"!!!

Shea said...

That is awesome! Sewing machine innards fascinate me, so I loved seeing this photo. I'm glad you thought to take it!