Saturday, September 18, 2010

QR Codes AND ReannaLily Designs

Rockin' the 21st century technology, thanks to my friend over at CJ Square.

Have you guys seen the QR Codes? They are like square little pixel-ated mess that seem to be more involved than a regular UPC for products. Well, turns out they are a little more involved. -but not in a scary way-

You can take a picture of this code with your smart phone, using a QRReader app (application) and it will link you to whatever the QR code creator has preset. The above code is for ReannaLily Designs and links to the patterns page on FOR all of ReannaLily Designs titles. This way, if you are shopping and want to see more- simply snap the code. If you are at market and are collecting tons of papers for the plane ride home- simply lighten the load by snapping a picture of the QR Code and enjoy the full website in your leisure - with no extra paper.

Simply amazing what the technology has done! I do have the QR Code Square on my blog side bar here, scroll around and see if you can find it. Try it out on the smart phone and let me know what you think.

If you want a QR Code for yourself, there are plenty on the web. Just do a google search for something like "free QR generator" and you are ready to roll.

In totally unrelated news- wouldn't a QR Code make a cool quilt!!!


Leigh said...

You I had to totally download the app just to try it! It ROCKS!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

That is really cool technology! They are using it on medicines now too to track them from manufacture to final purchase by the consumer.

I have a dumb phone so I can't scan them but they would make a great quilt!