Friday, September 17, 2010

New Patterns In The House!

Yep, new titles are arriving IN THE HOUSE!!!

Here's a peek at the two, printed in the NEW full-bleed fancy-schmancy style. They look amazing in person. The covers are a nicer, heavier quality paper. Wait 'til you see the layout as well; the directions are printed on a much larger sheet of paper, giving it that commercial pattern feel (though, unlike a commercial pattern, you'll totally be able to refold these and get them back into the pattern envelope!)

{{Thanks to my pattern tester, Leigh, who made the Quarter And Dime quilt with an amazing black background and let me use it on back cover of the pattern!}}

Those of you who have pre-ordered, will have the patterns dropped into the mail today. Those of you who are anxiously awaiting to order yours can email me directly. They should be on the website very soon.

RD2-025 The Flapper Purse- on
RD2-026 Quarter and Dime- on

Please ask for these titles at your local quilt shops!


Becky said...

They look so great!

Leigh said...

I feel almost famous! That is awesome!

Katrina said...

Those are gorgeous!!! Very, very professional.

Christine Thresh said...

I think the covers look very good with the big photos, but I do see a small white border around the edges. Am I seeing something wrong? Are these "before" pictures? I thought a full-bleed had no borders at all.

Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

Christine, I think that might be a bit of the actual directions you see trying to peek out. Definitely full-bleed covers, though.