Saturday, September 11, 2010

Edge-Stitching Presser Foot

My friend was telling me about an edge-stitching presser foot that makes PERFECT edge-stitching lines. Well, that sounds cool. I hopped up to my local sew/vac shop to inquire about the fancy-schmancy edge-stitching foot.

Oh my goodness. To my delight- the edge-stitching foot is the SAME foot I received as a gift a couple years back to do "in the ditch" quilting. I tried it on the "stitch in the ditch" and I did not like it very much. If your ditches are off a tiny bit, it makes the quilting tricky. So this lovely foot lives at the bottom of the box, if you know what I mean. But now, this foot would have a new life in my house. A new magnificent life as an edge-stitcher.

Simply, line the center guide up along the side of your fabric, and move your needle to the left position. Start stitching.

And the best part about this amazingly accurate method is that if you have the option to move your needle a little left or all-the-way left, you can stitch twice giving you a perfectly spaced double stitching row. Wowsa.

So, thanks Judy, for giving me a mad-case of presser foot envy. (Don't laugh, I think its a real disease!) I'm now one of the cool kids that can consistently stitch along the edge of fabrics. And what a total bonus that the foot already lived in my machine accessories case.


Missy said...

I love my edge stitching foot! You can also use it to perfectly piece batting together in order to use up scraps. Just set your machine to a zig zag stitch, but two pieces of batting together on either side of the middle bar and run it through your machine. Zip zap, perfectly pieced batting with no bulky center seam!

Gene Black said...

Oooh.. I like Missy's idea.

Dresden Quilter said...

I have this foot which I have never used. I will have to try it! Thanks for the info.