Friday, September 10, 2010

Its a Small World Square Scrap Quilt

I decided to take a small break and make myself a little quilt yesterday.

Ideas to try:
  • simple design
  • sewing with linen in a quilt
  • more "Hooked On Feathers" feathers
  • more colored thread
  • Accuquilt GO! cut 2 1/2" squares
  • vintage sheets
  • modern clean elements

As I'm making the quilt thinking of all the stuff to try, I noticed my supplies and their origins:

  • Japan- YLI Thread stitched on the linen sections
  • Spain- Mettler Thread stitched in the squares
  • Korea- Most of the printed cotton fabrics
  • China- Linen thrift store suit, which I cut up, "Made in China" per the garment label
  • USA- Pillowcase backing & construction, of course

It only measures 24 1/2" square. All the cotton blue/red squares are cut with the Accuquilt GO! 2 1/2" die (the one that comes with the cutter) except for the squares that are rectangles. ... rookie mistake... When deciding my borders, I forgot to make them mulitples of two, so I can add any combination of 2" squares in whatever next row... SO there are 4 squares in my red border that are actually rectangles. You don't notice it right away, but ... eh, what are ya gonna do...

Another thing- with that crazy linen... boy, it shifts. The center block has ShapeFlex fusible woven interfacing behind it. I thought I'd just "wing it" on the other borders. I pin-basted the quilt on the floor and started free-motion quilting. I should have re-pinned the top after quilting each row. I did get a few puckers & wrinkles on the top. They aren't heinous, but they aren't too desirable either. You cannot really see them in the photo, though- so I suppose its all good.

Love the vintage pillowcase backing, too. I've wanted to try using the bed sheets or vintage linens from the thrift store. I have quite a collection. This one is a king size pillowcase, cut along the side seam. Since the quilt is small, the pillowcase was plenty big enough for a quilt back. Very fun stuff.

So that was that. My break is over. I now have to get back to sewing and writing. Market is right around the corner!!!


free indeed said...

I love the look of linen with traditional cotton prints in quilts but haven't ventured to try a project with it. THanks for the heads up on it's 'fussiness'. Quite the international lineup for the 'ingredients'... :)

SewCalGal said...

Very cute. Lovely quilting too.