Thursday, June 24, 2010

Testing the Idea

I have a couple new quilt pattern designs releasing with Northcott fabrics this coming fall. (Oh my goodness and its not even the end of June yet!) But still- Gotta get to work and have these fabulous patterns release for Houston Market.

So, with this new design I have made a much smaller test quilt to determine the best method of construction. I think the kinks are ironed out {pun intended} and I'm ready to dive in with the writing and diagramming.

The picture above is very loosely based on the actual quilt design. We'll see in a couple months if you guys think they look remotely similar. =)

For now, though, I think I'll be naming this 40" square quilt Argyle Earth Day. (The fabrics in the sample quilt above are from **gasp** Joann's and the white and black background is Robert Kaufmann)

Since the quilt is small, I figured it'd be a good opportunity to test another little idea: Free Motion Feathers. My mother-in-law is a whiz at these on her longarm machine. I found a quilt she quilted for me and started tracing her quilting lines with my finger. Next step- getting used to the motion and anticipating the next curve with a pencil and paper.

Yes, that is a high-tech, back-of-an-envelope-while-watching/listening-to-the-tv set up I've got going on.

Then after a very short bit at the sewing machine, I have some Free Motion Feathers-

I think over all, this test of many ideas turned out ok. I need a TON more practice with the whole retracing step in feather stitching. I still need to bind it and I'm happy to report I will not be *testing* anything with my regular 'ole continuous binding.

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