Thursday, June 24, 2010

Set up Day at the Common Threads Quilt Show- Wichita Kansas

I have pictures!
Pictures of the booth from my first ever big retail show for ReannaLily Designs.

I've been planning what to take and what will hang where and how things will be displayed for about two months now. Everything was packed in 3 plastic totes. Not too bad, if you ask me.

I don't guess I realized in my planning that I'd get to have a cool table in my booth, provided by the show. That is going to totally help me out. I altered the original plan a little bit...

I came home to print up some signage, "coming soon" and show specials. I'll need to grab the sewing machine for my Seamingly Accurate demo table. I'm a bit frazzled, but I think its going to go well.

The Common Threads Quilt Show is every two years. Hop in the car and head over to see it! Hopefully, if you're in Wichita, you'll stop by and say hi!

Big fat thanks to my MOM who flew up from San Antonio to help me with the show- you rock the house!



Corinne said...

Go Jen Go! Say "Hi" to your Mom for me.

Amy said...

Hey Jen - the Seamingly Accurate guide looked pretty cool. So I picked one up at your booth today. I hope to try it out this weekend. I missed getting to meet you but I had a wonderful visit with your Mom.