Saturday, June 26, 2010

Selling Out-

What an exhausting first day at the Common Threads Quilt show! It was great. We were open from 10a to 9p and had a pretty steady stream of people through most of the day. I hear Saturday is the "busy" day, so that is exciting for this morning.

I have a candy + raffle table in my booth. The M&M's seem to be getting alot of traffic. I purchased two pounds of M&M's for the show and I already need to grab some more before the show this morning. {{Note to self: Quilters LOVE M&M's.}}

And speaking of running out of things- I'm thrilled to report I've sold out of the Seamingly Accurate seam guide on the first day! I have a demo table set up for the seam guide and it seems to be hoppin' right off the shelves. All the orders I take for Saturday and Sunday will have to be mailed to my customers.

All in all its going really well. Hopefully, I keep the momentum and have only great things to report on Sunday afternoon.

I'm off to make notes- first retail show = lots and lots of notes.

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