Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Monster Fabric Quilt

Ah... this quilt.

It started out with me receiving a gift card to a local fabric shop... so I thought, a couple weeks ago. Turns out the gift card was to the sewing machine service center adjacent (and connected inside!) to the fabric shop. I didn't bring my machine and I don't need any parts, like feet or needles. I did still want to shop in the shop though- I mean, come on, it IS a fabric store.

I took my youngest with me since the fabric shop was closer to his preschool than our home. Pick up the kiddo and check out the store. Well, we get there and the little guy is, evidently starving. {Not good at all!} He spent the first bit of our time in this crammed-full-shop saying how "I must go home and must get outta here!" Well... that isn't desirable. I told him we should look for some cat fabric that matches our furry orange cat, for him to have. They did, in fact, have a bunch of fat quarters with cat themes- BUT they were either too girly or not orange. I found this monster fabric in a fat quarter.

He doesn't like it and everything is wrong with the world. Goodness. In that case, we'd better hurry up and get out of the store!!! I went on to pick out a fat quarter bundle for myself from Studio E, which was when I learned that the gift card wasn't even for this fabric shop. BUMMER! But hey, bought it anyway- and I bought the monster panel.

As we start for the car my little guy throws himself on the floor saying "I can't leave yet!" (Now THAT's my boy, I like the quilt shop, too!!!) However... I end up hauling him out to the car and get him in his booster seat only to find out that he was throwing a fit over not buying all the cat fabrics. !!Which is the same fabric HE said was too girly and not orange enough!! *awe* and *DANGIT KID* all at the same time. After much mom-kid discussion we left the store with only this one panel. And of course, the quilt shop ladies watched me the entire way to my car. Love me some quilt shop ladies.

He was still quite upset by the time we arrived home. That kid can really dig in his feet. BUT after he ate, remember I told you he was hungry- he loved the fabric. Of course, the afternoon shaved years off my life, but I'm pretty sure with modern technology the way it is, I'll have years to spare...

Finally, I decided since it was his monster panel/fat quarter, I'd make something for him. But don't worry, he's not being rewarded for his temper with a quilt. We'll be handing this one over after he's cleaned his room and helped me unload the dishes!

I don't really sew with total novelty prints and I don't like the idea of cutting 'em up only to find I've decapitated an adorable monster... I ended up squaring up the fat quarter to a 20" square. I guess it was generously cut in the first place. (love the quilt shop!) Then I added some borders, a 4" then a 2" and finally a 6". This will be the perfect lap quilt for a guy who is about 40" tall.

I hope to try out some of that 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting stuff in each border. We'll see how it goes.

Note to self- if I HAVE to take him to the store, pack a sandwich!


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Leigh said...

Love it! And I am happy that we are out of the tantrum phase, although we are in a different one that is less than desirable!