Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hip to Be Square

Ok, I promise I'll be sewing soon. I have a fat quarter quilt top- very basic fat quarter (cut to a 20" square) and framed with 3 borders. Virtually no piecing. Its for my son and I need to hurry up and finish it so he can drag it around this cold house. Unfortunately, this post is not about that at all.

I wanted to show you this practice painting I did the other night while watching TV.

I wanted to see if I could paint uniform squares without drawing any lines to start. Each square is about 3/8" on, ahem, most sides. I should just call them rectangles, right? Anywhoo, they turned out looking pretty cool and only less square after a bit. Through the magic of angled photography, you cannot really tell. Seriously, though- here's the picture of them straight on:

So if ever I wanted to do a painting of bathroom tiles, I think I'm set. =)

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