Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Circle Purse Evolution Cont'd

So you've seen the circle purse and the illustration for it. I decided to have a festive morning and edit the images on the computer today. Super fun Frosty bag and the ornament bag. Turns out TONS of things are circles. I think we've only just begun. With a few little applique shapes... I really don't see my current obsession with this purse ending anytime soon. What kind of circle things would you incorporate if it was your purse?

I'm thinking and orange slice! My 9yo would love that and Spoonflower could totally print a giant orange slice for me... hum.... Definitely lady bugs or chunky flowers. Cross-section of a watermelon slice. Wagonwheel? Hum... maybe not a wagon wheel.

Of course, these digital-mock ups do not exist in real life. I'm trying to decide if I'll actually make them up. I've been spending a ton of time on the computer lately working on 4 new patterns and not too much time at the sewing machine. Hopefully, that will change as soon as I get the pattern diagrams incorporated.



Barbara said...

I'd love a purse like that. Those are cute -both of them.

Annie said...

Actually, I might like the wagon wheel!

Leigh said...

Great idea Jen!

Amy said...

LADYBUG!! That would be adorable (esp in a 45rpm record size for a little girl...) :)