Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Studio Tour

Are you ready for the tour? The studio tour in the new headquarters office?

Ok, I think this is about how the studio is going to be for a while. Do you follow Judy's Stash Report on her blog? I follow it, but I don't participate. Mostly because I'm scared to actually know how much fabric I own. After unpacking it all into these beautiful cubbies, I'm certain that I do NOT need to add any more fabric to my stash for a while! Vintage Linens are in that brown woven basket on top. {Those framed fashion faces are by *the* Steven Stipleman.}

These are my Rainbow hue colors. I've left a few open spots to add fabric (don't tell the hubbs!!) and for some reason, I have 5, yes 5, cubbies of Reds. I think that is because I sew the least with red- so therefore I have the most of it left in my stash. Purples- well, I just don't buy purples or yellows. They only have one cubby each. I do think blues and greens are my running favorites for now.

And here's the other corner of that wall- The Target wire bins are held together with zip ties. I know my Dad is happy to hear that. I could have purchased more cubbies- but really, I already own the wire bins. (but I bought them at Goodwill, so I never owned those fancy connector pieces.) In the wire bins are white and black fabrics, sorted of course. Batiks sorted by warm and cool; and browns and whites. More accurately, I own about 3 total pieces of WHITE (or tone on tone white) fabric. Its all beige and off white blenders. In the very corner of cubbies are notions and trims.

Now here's the pegboard. I print my patterns on demand, so I do not have the whole board filled in with all my titles. That is on my, ahem, short to-do list. The pegboard is also home to my rulers. I think I might need to paint that pegboard red, but that will be on another day. In the upper left is a fancy little watercolor painting I did about 10 years ago or so.

Next up, the sewing table and thread. See those large cones over there... That rack holds 15 cones. I have another 20+ cones on the window sill waiting for another thread rack. Much like many things I own, I found this cone rack at an estate sale for $3. I do think I own enough thread- don't you?

And the cleanest little corner of the room- My little divided dresser. I have owned this thing for probably 8 years. Only 3 days ago I finally finished out the "natural wood" and painted it red. Its not very tall and we used it as a nightstand for the longest time. Of course, it was a nightstand with sewing supplies in it... but who cares. Now, its in its rightful home with a cute little painted bird over it. I do think it could use some flowers or a vase or something ...

You know what I didn't show you? The messy closet. It is home to batting rolls and donated military uniforms and spare sewing machines for classes. I am expecting a strangely large shipment of donated uniforms, so I'll have to show you the uniform stash after I receive all those.

I suppose the pictures might look a little cluttered- but I love how its sorted. I'm guessing this is a clean as its going to be for a while, too. HAHAHA. I've already started working on another sewing tutorial for the blog, so look for that soon.

Updated to add: This is what it looks like from the doorway. Not spotless, but it works for me.

Thanks for taking the tour.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love your work area. Your fabrics look like a rainbow of color. What a way to create :-) The little nightstand is so cute. I need to find one ;-D Thanks for sharing about your sewing space. I love to see where we all are in the sewing spectrum.

Owens Family Adventures said...

I am so glad you love your new house!!! Love the red nightstand. :)

mascanlon said...

Looks great Jen! Here's a trick I used in working with my small studio. I turned the sewing table at a 90 degree angle to the wall, instead of along the wall. It used up some of that floor space in the middle, allowed me to put another set of bins along the wall and...most important, look out that window instead of at the wall.