Friday, October 16, 2009

The Move vs The Studio

Ok, I had snapped a few shots of the mayhem that was the boxed up sewing room in our new digs... but as luck would have it, the SD card wasn't "snapped in" in the cheap camera- so none of those images saved. Just trust me, it was a TON of rubbermaids and boxes and more boxes. Instead I've got a few "in progress" pictures for you.

I've been to Target and Lowes more times than I care to count in the past 5 days. The newest addition to the collection o'stuff are the stacking cubbies. I've unloaded my rubbermaids into this cube system- organized by color.

Now in this picture I've got my NEW favorite thing. Pegboard! My friend, Annette, has pegboard in her studio and I had a mad case of pegboard-envy. Just for fun, I priced it... Yeh, that little sheet (which is plenty big for my pattern inventory and rulers) was only $3.57 and the pegs are only $.68. Heck yeah! I need that!!! I did have to suspend the pegboard off the wall about a 1/2 inch. I did that with a few layers of cardboard behind each screw- yeh, I have plenty of cardboard to spare these days. =)

And lastly the closet... boy, even the closet is filling up.

The closet mostly has donated uniforms, batting rolls and spare sewing machines for classes.

Of course the whole thing is in progress. I'd like to find a couple more of those cube storage systems for my brown, black, white and batik fabrics. Maybe when its all finished and magnificent, I'll do one of those virtual blog tours for you. For now, though- I'm exhausted.

Any tips you have for organizing would be greatly appreciated.

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Becky said...

Just wait until Matt gets back. That closet will be FULL of uniforms! I know he's got a lot stashed away for you.

Ooh, to come organize that for you would be so much fun! My organization tip: Dymo label maker! : )