Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wait 'til You See This

Oh my gosh, thankfully, my mother-in-law got a good picture of the super great product release. All that build up on the blog and my little camera hadn't taken a decent shot! So just a little bit more about market and then it will be back to the regularly scheduled programming. (as if anything is ever regular or scheduled!)

Those little bags are actually sewing kits. They're along the same lines as quilt kits- but they are for handbags, purse, toy boxes and playmats. The bags include EVERYTHING you need to make the bag pictured on the cover of the pattern. EVERYTHING except batting or interfacing. They have zippers, fabric, muslin for underlining, matching thread and on the one bag with a brooch, it even includes the BROOCH! You can click on the picture to see the bags a little better.

Let me show you some of the actual sewn bags (all of which have patterns from Art Gallery Fabrics.) These are some of the samples I made up for market or while writing the pattern. I've been saving these pictures, just for you!

This is the Firenze. Its my FAV favorite! Its so cute and fresh.

This is the Milano. Its larger and has a vintage brooch on the flap closure.

This next one is called Verona and it goes together super easy, like a tote- but with a nice curved piping detail and flap closure.

And lastly, the Travel Set. This pattern has 3 bags. A Laundry bag, a Shoe bag and a Lingerie bag- to keep your travels organized. (The two lower pictures are of the same lingerie bag.)

And that is the news from market. What do you think? Pretty exciting, right? Are you ready for some regular sewing posts? I've got a whopper for you tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Lurline said...

What a wonderful idea - grat bags!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh wow, beautiful! And what a great idea :-)