Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Marriage

Ok, I just think this is the neatest development in The Cube Purse pattern area... I'm so excited about it!!! You've got to see this connection...

You know how the Cube has square sides AND quilt blocks are square...
Yep!!! Those two ideas got married.
They said their vows, gave a big mwuuaaah,
and look what they've produced together:


I spent a little time the other day surfing around Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache website. On there, if you don't already know, she's got a catalog of every quilt block... EVER. and on her site, she has a category for block sizes (as well as having them alphabetized) so I clicked on the 10" finished blocks, chose a few I liked, sorted the fabrics, stacked the squares, sorted the squares again, and voila!

You can click that little picture above to see a "straigh-on" picture of each of the blocks. Yeh, I couldn't commit to just one block, so I made a sampler quilt purse of sorts... ... but then the ideas kept coming...

4 blocks on the outside, and two scrap blocks on the inside... {Yes, I did put a zipper pocket right through my pieced block, on the inside.}

That would be 6 total pieced blocks. How fun would this be as a Block Of The Month (half year) with a Super-Cute-Cube-Purse class at the end of the 6mos, at your local quilt shop???!! If the demand is there, I'd love to package up a BOM + Purse Class for shops. {not necessarily the same sample blocks in this quicky sample.} Not too mention, the potential we have here for the orphan blocks... Oh man, I'm so happy those two ideas got married and made all these other little fledgling ideas!

Ask your local quilt shop if they have The Cube Pattern for you. If not, please ask them to stock it.

And as you just might have already guessed- The fabric in this bag is by Art Gallery Fabrics. The pieces I used are scraps from other sewn samples that will be in their booth (#936) at the Houston Quilt market in a couple weeks. The line is Ahambra II. Its absolutely lovely. This one print, especially is my fav - in case you were wondering.

So blogland- would you be interested in a Block Of The Month + Purse Class option from your local quilt shops?


Leigh said...

That is lovely! What a great idea! And so the Empire grows!

Lurline said...

Wishing you success - I'm sure it will take off!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Owens Family Adventures said...

I love the yellow fabric you used in the bottom!!! Great colors for the bag Jen!

Liberty said...

This is beautiful!!! You did a great job!!

I have an Art Gallery Fabric giveaway on my blog at the moment... through Monday. Pop on over if you are interested!