Monday, September 21, 2009

The Hexagon Quilt

Have you guys seen the quilt on the Handmade by Alissa with the hexagons? I LOVE all the white space on her layout and the fact that its made with one only-lonely template - wowsa. I had to try it. Thankfully, I had a few scraps left over from my Art Gallery Fabric endeavors. These are a few fabrics from the Spellbound collection. Its a small quilt, about 40" square, perfect for a crib. The white background is just 100% white cotton.

I was using scraps, so I didn't have the luxury of matching the directional prints- BUT you know, quilts are hand made and inherently quirky as a result. This one might just have a bit more quirk than some of my other quilts.

OH- let me get you the template in the event you want to take this quilt for a test drive. Click HERE for the template. Its hosted on flickr, so you can surf around the original poster's website to see many different layouts and uses for the template. Like the Hand Made By Alissa post, I staggered my rows to give the look of floating hexes.

Ok, gotta get back to work. =) Have a good one!!!


Leigh said...

Love this! I'm surprised that you like all of the "white", empty space!

Lurline said...

Oh, I just love it, so fresh and clean!
Hugs - Lurline♥

KZK said...

LOVE this! I have to try it!