Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Trademark

When Seamingly Accurate was picked up for production and distribution by, I thought it'd be smart to register my trademark. So I did. That was about 10 months ago. The US Patent and Trademark Office website is not the easiest to navigate. They have all the forms available for you online to fill out... but then all the verbage on the forms is like rocket science. (Which is kinda funny, since my brother and sister-in-law both worked as rocket scientists for a while. I digress...)

I went to my local notary two separate times and learned all about "office actions". I also learned that once you apply for a registered trademark, every greedy lawyer will get your address from the public filing record and desperately snail-mail you in an efforts to help the application process. Lordy Pete.
When you start the application process there's a disclaimer that says it can take up to 18 months. I'm very proud to report that I'm bringing down the average! Wait, that doesn't sound good....

Very soon, I hope the Seamingly Accurate website will have a cute little R-circle beside the name. It will take a little work and a little time, but I'm certain it will be worth it in the end.

Again, thanks for all the continued support in making Seamingly Accurate such a great success. I love the seam guide tool and am happy you SEAM to like it also. If you haven't seen it in action, take a look at website

On a side note, I just might love love love the little registered trademark symbol, since in my mind, its like my very own itsy bitsy tiny "Reannalily" R, wrapped neatly in a circle.

Have a good one!