Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Folded Fat Quarter Purse

This idea came to me after seeing a commercial for gum. Yes, strange, I suppose. I cannot even remember the gum, I just remember the "strap through the handles, yeah, that could work!".

The shape of the bag is one where "when you need more stuff at the beginning of your day". Like a trip to the park, with snacks and a change of underpants for the toddler... by the afternoon, the snacks are gone and you really don't need a bag all that tall.

Incidentally, the "grow" idea works in reverse too- take just a wallet in the purse at the beginning of your shop hop and as you start buying gobs of fat quarters, use the bag in its "taller" shape.

Here, let me show you the specs:

The bag starts as a tall, deep hand-held bag. The body handles are made with a facing, but unlike other bags, the facing is part of the design. See that red rectangle? That is the actual facing for the inside AND outside handles. The bag is roughly 10" x 20" (roughly half of a fat quarter) with shaping darts at the bottom to make the bottom edge about 3" deep.

The bag has mix & match sides. I like the contrast when the bag is in its folded down shape. The lining is also green and yellow. See that red strap right there on the lower half? You can drape the burp cloth (or shop hop flier!) through there when its not being used to fold the bag down.

I also added quilted handles to the sides of this bag. Can't go wrong with coordinated quilted handles.

Now the coolest part of the bag- its made with 3 quilter's fat quarters (18" x 22" cuts) and very minimal waste. I purchased these lovelies in Hawaii on the island of Oahu at Fabric Mart last summer. ...technically, I'm using up my stash...

Let me show you the inside.

I added a pocket way down in there, just for good measure. And those of you faithful blog readers will be floored to know there are NO magnet clasps in this bag. Crazy, right? :)

Ok, so that is the new fun flashy bag. I've made good notes as to "how-to" make it and hopefully I'll add bags to my pattern line. Thanks for checking out my bloggy blog. Have a good one!


Barbara said...

What a great purse. So you're going to have a tutorial on this soon? Looks like it would make great gift for a new mom.

Owens Family Adventures said...

I really like this one!! How cool would some kiddo look to take one of those to school as their lunch bag!! Done up on colors of thier choosing...great job Jen!