Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hand Sewing

Ok, a couple weeks ago I posted a picture of these nice, traced-off fabric squares all ready for hand embroidery on a road trip. Well, on that trip we went from Oklahoma, to Kansas, to Mississippi then down to Florida. Yeh- it was crazy. I'm happy to report I did get to hand-sew in the car. Unfortunately, I might have been a bit ambitious with the quantity I traced off. (And for some reason I neglected to consider the fact that I'd have to help drive about 50% of that trip...)

So here it is, the big "first dent" in what I feel might be the on-going project of 2010-2020.

Yep. Seven. My first plan was to use the 6 1/2" squares as corner stones in a rainbow quilt. For that I need 28 blocks. Technically, I'm 1/4 the way there, so that's not too bad. BUT who knows when I'll get back to leisurely hand sewing... I might end up with a 7 square table runner.... You'll just have to stay tuned, through 2010-2020, to see how it turns out.

Adios, your ambitious friend, Jen

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