Friday, July 24, 2009

New Pattern!

Ok, I have two new patterns to put the polishing touches on for this summer's release. I'm proud to report that I still have 3 weeks of summer left (before school starts) and the first of two is FINISHED and up in the shop.

This quilt pattern is called Woven Comfort {RD2018}. Its made from ONE 15" block, repeated. I love how it makes a secondary interwoven design.

The picture above is the color pallet used by one of my rockin' awesome pattern testers. Its very traditional and the quilt would look great in my living room. I do have some wild fabric taste, myself, though- so I thought it'd be best to do a little more "wild" mock-up of the quilt.

Yes, the pink and black is so fun. The new pattern has both images and provides yardages for the large quilt, 90" x 75". You'll have to go check it out over on my design site, You can purchase it on the ReannaLily Designs site, or soon, I'll have it in my Etsy shop,



Corinne said...

Very cool pattern! I had to stare at it a bit to pick out the individual blocks. There's a pattern in the Keepsake Quilting catalog that is sort of similar. I've always admired it, but your version looks much more doable. You've got me thinking!

Leigh said...

Love this a lot!