Monday, June 22, 2009

The Thrift Haul

I actually do have a couple of blog topics to post on here- but lets shelf those for now. I want to show you the great thrift store finds I scored in Dayton.

I'm reasonably sure that circle mirror above originally came from Hobby Lobby. Its about 12" across and looks lovely in my room.

Then I also got some unique things for around the house. First up- my favorite find from this trip, a vanity chair. The whole chair is about 30" tall and the best part- $4.99! My plan is to use it as a background for various purse photos. I mean, I can't place everything on the maroon fence in my backyard, right? I also found this great glass bowl. The bowl is so heavy. I love the shape, so now, it too, lives in my house.

I also found a few "supplies" type items while thriftin. I found a set of dinner napkins that I plan to make into purses. Recycling like a wild woman. :) I also found two great little brooches, for another project brewing in my crazy brain. And if those retro napkins and pins weren't enough- I also now have a thread cone sorter for only $3. Sure, it only holds 12 cones and I own about 3 times that many, but its a start.

Today, I plan on sewing, sewing, sewing. I've got much to do before the birthday marathon month of July here at my house. Here's hoping I can get it done!


Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Wow love all of your treasures.... great finds all. And believe it or not...but Bob and I had one of those wavy edge bowls when we were young marrieds! Think is was a salad bowl set...or chip and dip.... it escapes me at the moment. Had some yummy fresh blueberries this am.... mmmmm. Can't wait to see you guys.

Melissa said...

Great finds! Love the mirror. It goes with your circle craze!

Leigh said...

Very cool treasures!

BJ Lantz said...

Cool beans! I need the spool holder to go with the thread I posted that I found last weekend, ha ha