Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lets Recycle MORE

Can a girl have too many purses??? I don't think so. What does bamboo, linen, belt loops and dinner napkins have in common....

I recently went thriftin and found tons of great items. Also in that mix were some dinner napkins. After my last dinner napkin purse (which I carry everywhere- its the perfect size for summer), I decided I'd need to make another dinner napkin bag.

So I've got the napkins. I did need to come up with a great handle design. I own a few pair of those bamboo ring handles and I've been itching to use them. They just say summer and tropical and warm weather- so bamboo handles it is! {and they're circles!}

But... I wanted to have the same nice rectangle shape AND the bamboo handles, that meant I had to think up a way to get the handles onto the bag. BELT LOOPS! They've been working for jeans for far too long. Its time we take those belt loops to a new place. If you are thinking you want to put belt loops around your bamboo handles, its a bit tricky, but not impossible, obviously.

Now lets talk lining. The bamboo is natural, eco friendly and all that jazz. The napkin is recycled and probably as old as I am. The lining... its 100% linen from a thrift store dress. Its part of the same dress from the adorable snow man tutorial. (It was a BIG dress.)

Yes. Its another magnet clasp. :) The bag gets its structure from a piece of dense quilt batting. I picked this instead of the Timtex stuff. Batting is just softer and nicer, in this case.

So there's another project crossed off the to-do list. Thanks for following along. ~jen~

p.s. The brooches aren't in this project, just in the thrift store picture. They'll be on something soon, I'm sure.


Leigh said...

Very cute and creative! I know where you got those bamboo handles.............ahhh, let us have a moment of silence for Soemun Market and all of the lovely little old Korean ladies....................................................

Melissa said...

Love it! Wish I was a purse girl but the diaper bag kinda took over;)

writeminded said...

This purse is beautiful! Love the fabric and the cool bamboo handles!