Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rockin' Pattern Pieces

And just a bit more about the circles...

My dad is a thinker. He often says "You know, if a person were to..." And then you really have no idea what the next part of the sentence will be. In fact, when he says it, its like one word- "ifapersnwertah" Usually, the second half of the sentence is somewhere between MacGuyver and Creative Dad. You really never know. Well- I think I've got a bit of that inherited from him. Pretty good trait, if you ask me.

As I'm making and tracing all these circles it dawned on me- "Ifapersnwertah get a circle template... things would be so much easier." So this person, yours truly, promptly got a circle template. Wanna know what it is? (You know, I love the thrift store. Turns out, I don't own any vinyl, myself.)

Yes, I added my logo to the record. I thought it'd be fun to have a ReannaLily Designs ROCKIN record template. And I bet you're wondering what I did with the 12" template?

I made 4 fabric circles and two batting circles. The fabric is Alexander Henry again. For today's circle project I wanted to make a quilted bag. The ladies in my guild LOVE stuff like that. Quilted wearables. I generally don't love quilted wearables, but I thought I'd try to "hip" up the idea.

The circle purse is soft and quilted in a 2" grid. You can probably see it if you enlarge the photo. This circle purse is, of course, 4" (diameter) smaller than the original. The fabric on the outside of the bag is a big floral and the lining print is the coordinating small floral that matches. I did put a drop-pocket inside there. I have to tell you, the QUILTED circle purse might just sway me over to the quilted wearables.

Oh, and a side note- the quilted purse was much easier to make & work with than the stiff interfacing circle purse.

Have a great day! I hope you have a "Ifapersnwertah" moment today to make your life easier. Be proud, too, of the self restraint I've used, in not applying every Rockin, Record, or Musical pun possible, in this post. :)


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