Monday, June 8, 2009

Crazy About Circles

I think I must be going through my circle phase. I'm telling you, everything these days seems to need a circle on it. First there was the Floating Bubbles Quilt. The sister quilt to Floating Bubbles is almost ready for release- and if quilts weren't enough...

Check out this complete circle purse. I'm diggin it. The idea came to me at the thrift store this past weekend. I started obsessing over the pattern elements and shape while I should have been sleeping. I'm guessing most people do that sort of thing.

(My 6yo- He's not really a hand model, as you can see by the nails.)

I decided this first circle purse was going to test my idea. For that reason, there are no pockets inside the 16" beast. I used the more really stiff interfacing from the Wal*Mart. I don't love the Wal*Mart, but my town is very small, and they've kinda got the market cornered. (And who doesn't love a run-on sentence?)

All in all the pattern worked out really well. The faced handles look pretty good. I enjoy it.

Its kinda fun to have a complete circle purse in my collection of bags. It goes well with The Cube. Looks like I need to add a triangle variation to round out my set. :)

Updated to add: The fabric is all Alexander Henry.



Becky said...

Oooh, I like it!

I finished up the typos and snail-mailed everything to you yesterday. Hopefully you will receive it by the weekend.

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Wow, love! I would never have thought of a circle purse. I love that Bangle Dot. I also loved the cube.

BJ Lantz said...

I'm not a Wal*Mart lover either! I haven't been in one since 2004 and that was only because I had to drive a friend who insisted that was where she had to look for something. If we let them, they'll be the only game in EVERY town. And who wants that??

The bag's cute, BYTW :-)