Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My second market

set up day at the convention center

This was my second ever quilt market. As you faithful readers know, I launched Seamingly Accurate at the 2008 Houston Quilt Market this past fall. That was a whirlwind experience much like drying your hair in a windstorm. Thankfully, this market was, for me, much more relaxed and enjoyable. I was able to take it all in without the constant feeling of "there's so much to see" and "ooooh- its a famous person!" hee hee.

Let me tell you about the market. This one was a fraction of the size of the Houston Show. I mean, a drop in the bucket. It seemed like there were a few new notions (including an amazing circle designing ruler from Lacey Hill and Quiltwoman.com.) but mostly there were patterns and fabric. I'm telling you, those are two of my favorite things! Isle after isle of fabric companies and pattern designers. Here's the best booth at the show Quiltwoman.com (as voted by me):

Quiltwoman.com is a publishing company that works with 40-50 independant designers. This spring market they launched 53, yes 53, new patterns and showcased 5 books.

Wanna see a few other booths?

These pictures were from this overhead walkway area and the top shot is the left side and the bottom is the right. That is a ton of booths. 26 isles, to be exact.

I did have some favorites, other than the Quiltwoman.com booth, where two of my patterns launched. I loved the Michael Miller displays of course and LizzieBCreative had such a zany floor. I did also have a couple of "AGGHHHH- famous people"moments. I have a photo of Kaffe Fasset and saw Alex Anderson, Mark Lipinski and Elanor Burns. I met with Kathy Mack of Pink Chalk Studio. She is just as nice in person as she is on her site and in her shop.

I also met Judy Laquidara. We have a mutual friend and hit it off right away. So very nice. I've found in the quilting and fabric industry- most everyone is so friendly and wonderful. I'm sure the less friendly ones are out there, but I have yet to meet them.

You can see more pictures and a few individual booths here. Thats a link to my webshots album from the booths at the event. Ok, go check those out & I'll keep updating and sorting through the remainder of the 137 shots from market. ~jen~


Owens Family Adventures said...

OH WOW WOW WOW!! Patterns....fabric...and Judy!!! You lucky duck you! I am so glad you had such a good time my friend. :) Two more years and Leigh and I will work your booth...fingers crossed.

Leigh said...

It all looks so cool and so awesome! You know that Dawn and I will be some selling fools.....but only on Wednesday!

Barbara Chojnacki said...

I loved seeing the photos of Quilt Market, especially the Quiltwoman booth; my "Serendipity" was one of the patterns there, and it was great to see how it was displayed.