Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Improv House

Ok, this is my last improv for a short while, I promise! I have some commission jobs to work on and I need to stop this improvisational quilting madness. but... since I have you here, let me show you this "framed" house.

I used more of the gel glue resist fabrics I made. I didn't think the fabric design had enough umph ('cause that's a technical word) so I went back over the design with a fabric permanent pen. I then cut around the house image and used it as my center square for my improv log cabin style block. I tried to keep the grass on the grass side and the sky on the sky side. At the end, I decided it needed a nice wooden frame.

For the quilting on this one... well, I went crazy. I have rolling quilt lines for grass, I've got a Willy Wonka Wonky door shape quilted in there, my little house has quilted siding and quilted shingles. I've even got some insano clouds going on in the blue. I opted for channel stitching in all the brown areas to serve as my "wood" frame. Needless to say, all the free motion quilting was pretty improv-y as well, but I do think it turned out well.

Here's a front-on shot of the finished mini-quilt.

And while we're on the subject of adding pen lines to the painted designs, I thought I'd show you this {real} framed bird. Its not sewn or quilted or anything. Its just my little painted fabric bird living neatly in a clean frame beside my bed.

So that's the improv and the gel glue resist painted fabric. Thanks again to Tallgrass Prairie Studio for posting the improv technique.

I've got two more pieces of painted fabric to go. Who knows where they'll turn up.

Now, on to the commission jobs! Have a great afternoon. ~jen~


Anonymous said...

I think the bird should accompany the house! Both pieces are awesome...I do have a little talent envy!

((check the authentication word: bionicy))

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

The newest quilts look pretty cool...and love that new purse!Way cute. That boy is gonna be such a good cook.... at least he is "dressed" for the part... all he needs is his little chef hat...and he is good to go.

Karin said...

I love the little bird!

Mal* said...

I love quilt houses anyway, but this is really fabulous.