Monday, March 16, 2009

The Adjustable Apron

I offered a class for the Adjustable Apron (#RD2015) last month and used my own pattern to teach the ladies the techniques for making this functional little kitchen accessory. This pattern uses French seams, a fabric turning tool and casings to achieve a very finished apron. The pattern also gives you designer leeway to add/omit the contrasting band and to add trims where they will look the best for your design and fabric combinations.

Well, after a bit of drafting and testing and retesting- I'm happy to announce that the Adjustable Apron pattern has an ADULT size and a CHILD size.... and you might have guessed it- It's available in my shop. {It was previously only available to students in the class.}

Now lets talk about making a pattern. My mom had made a couple aprons for my own children about 6 years ago. She says the design is just more functional than having a strap around the neck and separate straps for the ties. So with her permission, I asked if I could draft my own measurements for her concept and author up the pattern. She agreed.

I've been selling the finished Adjustable Apron on Etsy for ... um ... about a year or so now. I have a few aprons currently in the shop. Those are all adult sized, though can fit elementary school age students, as well. I needed to draft and test the additional child size apron measurements. Thankfully, I have a little test model here in the house. The child size is designed for 2T to 4T.

I was debating what kind of cover image I'd use on the apron pattern. The cover image is very important because no one buys a pattern thinking the text is going to be flashy and fabulous. They buy patterns based on the picture on the cover. So I'm thinking: Should I have someone wearing it? Should I have them in a kitchen? Should I have them holding a bowl or wisk? Outside natural light is better, maybe I should have someone grilling in the apron... On and on, I did take this funny Kitchen Model Action photo- but, in the end, I opted for dress forms + outside light + drop out all the background. I think the cover is clean and still showcases the variations in the apron design.

My little model was so funny though- when you ask him to put on an apron, you should be specific and say with your clothes. It must be wonderful to be 3yo. Did NOT go with the "in the kitchen with mom" approach for the cover image for the pattern.

I do hope you'll check out "the patterns" over on and drop an Adjustable Apron pattern into your cart. ~jen~

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Love the apron but ummmmmmmm can I have the kid instead???? heeheehee