Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Quilts Finished On Vacation

While on the big Christmas road-trip of 2008- I finished up 3 quilts. The images are pretty big, still- so I think you can click on them to see a little bit more "close up" if you choose.

First up- the basket quilt, which was hand quilted and bound. The photo is taken in the shade- but the one in the sunlight was SO bright....

This was one from the UFO list, too, so I'm pretty thrilled that I finished it. I think it needs more hand quilting, since it's a bit wavy when its laid out on the floor.

Next up- I bound the 3D sampler, which Sew Colleen quilted for me. I love how the free-motion machine quilting looks on the back- so I'll post ya a picture of that, too. You'll have to click on it to see it larger.

And lastly- the super cool Karen Comb's pattern. I quilted this myself on Sew Colleen's machine and bound it by hand. I think I should have chosen a slightly lighter background, so you can see the dark "plane" better on the right hand side there.

And thanks to the husband for his stellar "display" work. hee hee. ~jen~

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