Friday, September 12, 2008


I did live in New Mexico for three years... but that's not the UFO's I'm talking about today. Un-Finished Objects. There are many names for them in the sewing community. Anywhoo- lets go with UFO.

Over on this blog, Pieces from My Scrapbag, she's started a UFO challenge. Well, I heard about the whole thing from my Mother-In-Law's blog. I didn't join the UFO challenge, but it got me thinkin...

Whenever you move, you get to see an unpack all the things you've forgotten about. I've recently finished unpacking the sewing studio and I've come across all sorts of things in there!!

  • I have a whole large pizza box with lonely random quilt blocks.
  • I have two Ricky Tims Convergence Quilt tops that just need the perfect setting. The inspiration will come to me later... so those are currently unfinished.
  • I've got a very cool Karen Combs wall hanging, that needs to be quilted. I should really get around to marking that and getting it done.
  • There's also an Iron Gate, Dilys Fronks inspired "over the couch" size wall hanging. I have to be honest, I don't think I'll ever get to that one.
  • And there's the stained glass quilt, based on a real piece of antique glass. I'm giving that one away, (the owner is already expecting it) so I don't have to count it in my unfinished pile, do I??
  • I recently found a mini-drunkard's path pattern made with 30's repo prints. Turns out, 3" squares WITH curves aren't as much fun as I thought they'd be.
  • There are many shades of browns waiting to be sewn into pillows for my bedroom.
  • Lets not even talk about the trim I've purchased for the lower edges of aprons...
  • When I moved from NM, my wonderful guild gave me a block signed from each member and as you might have guessed... those are not currently in a quilt.
  • I also joined a "basket block" swap a while back. I had so much fun making the baskets, I made a whole pile of them for myself. Yeh, they're still in that pile. I like making the baskets, but not the yo-yo flowers... but I really wanted flowers in my baskets. Time stands still. =)
  • A friend gave me a whole gallon ziploc of 5" batik squares. My plan is to make those into a half square triangle quilt using the Seamingly Accurate seam guide.
Currently NOT in the abandoned pile would be a new quilt I'm working on, a cross between the Bulls Eye Quilt by Quilts from Aunt Annie and the Hip to be Square by Denyse Schimdt. Its going to finish at 30" square. Also not abandoned- The Quilter Guild Name Tags pattern. I need to get all the line graphics done for that pattern. And almost finished is a new free download for dinner napkins and a table cloth.

So its safe to say, the UFO's out weigh the current hot projects... but thats not saying one couldn't cross over to the other category at any time!

Goodness. Keep on sewing! ~jen~

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Leigh said...

I've been unpacking some UFOs lately! Also, stuff that will make more UFOs! Can't get rid of though!!