Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Pottery Place

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this! Ok- this is kinda kitsch-y and silly- but fun none the less. A couple months ago one of the lady's groups here on base went to the neighboring town to a pottery painting place. It was fun. I have painted pottery before, in college, but you know- the glaze never looks like how it will turn out after its fired. I was very skeptical.

So we get to the place and I think "I want something that will go in my kitchen." And after a bit of time I decided that I wanted something to match my curtains. Yes, this is the insanity...

I picked a sushi plate. Sure, I don't make sushi in my house- but it seemed like a good flat tray. The lady's in our group decided that it would be the prefect size for a whole pile of chocolate covered strawberries. ...yummmmm...

I drew out the design and painted it. I put on three coats of glaze and I wasn't sure if I had stayed in all the pencil lines. Didn't know if it was going to look streaky or sloppy- Got me. That glaze is tricky stuff.

There ya have it. I've got a Chocolate Covered Strawberry plate that matches my curtains. Mission accomplished. Wait... I still need the strawberries!

And of course, my daughter its just itchin' to go to pottery place. I am hoping to do it, with enough time to make Christmas ornaments... but who knows. ~jen~


Jackie said...

Your strawberry plate came out gorgeous! And I LOVE the curtains!

My Thanh said...

That was a really great idea!