Friday, November 14, 2008

Honolulu Fabric Mart

I've been to Honolulu twice. Both times the US gov't was a deciding factor in my vacation time frame and budget. (Love those TDY's!) Anyway, both times I went to Fabric Mart. Its the best. Its quite possibly one of my favorite stops on the island, after the snow cone place. Hawaii has two fabric mills on Oahu and the Fabric Mart sells directly from the mills. It is SO very affordable and awesome. They also have this wall of batik fabric that I had to have a picture of. I snapped the shot after living in Korea for 2 years, where there were NO batiks. It was so beautiful.

Anyway, I uploaded that picture to my flickr account under "Hawaiian Inspiration" and a person from Schmaps contacted me. They are going to e-publish the photo in there 5th Edition guide to Honolulu. Exciting stuff. If you follow the link, scroll down to Fabric Mart and look on the right hand side of the screen.


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