Friday, November 14, 2008


Electric Quilt 6. Oh holy smokes. Have y'all used this software? Its amazing. I knew it was amazing because 100 years ago I tried a copy of EQ4. Well, we've upgraded the computers, somethings have changed and moved 3 times since then- Let me just say, now I have EQ6 and I'm just floored.

Ok, now that quilt is not the finest quilt you'll ever see- BUT it is the finest one that didn't involve a pencil or any math whatsoever. Boy, not drawing out each strip or estimating how much to buy is very cool. Not looking around the office for that stack of graph paper is wonderful too. EQ6 figures all the fabric amounts, cutting directions, it lets you draw curves, it sets up your # of blocks by your design- AND that doesn't even take into account the EXTENSIVE block library and fabric library. **thats just the tip of the iceberg**

There's a bit of a learning curve, but just knowing all these features await me, make me so very happy. I can definitely see this winter shaping up nicely. "What's that, we're snowed in and cannot leave the office house?" Whaaahooooo! ~jen~

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