Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Army Cubes ARE DONE!


All 8 cubes are done! Haven't photo'd all of them yet. They are coming with me to a craft show on Oct 11th. I'm hoping they all sell and I don't need to list them on Etsy. In my efforts to maximize my time, I'm going to just plan on taking photos AFTER the craft show.

BUT, I did start thinking- this craft show is in a USAF town, with an Army town near by. Sure, we might get some traffic from the Army town... but you never know. So I did photo the 3 bags made from ACU fabrics.

I have to say, they look excellent. I've made the first bag with Kaffe Fassett fabrics and my first mono-chrome bag with Jennifer Paganelli's scroll fabric. The last one is Denyse Schmidt, who I've mentioned before.... Check 'em out.

How cool is the black and white bag? It uses a sleeve pocket, so you can take the actual rank, nametag or patches and just stick them on the velcro. OR you can velcro ANYTHING you like. The Blue bag also has the original uniform velcro, the size of a nametag.

These three ARMY cubes are not yet listed on Etsy, as they are heading to the craft show. BUT if you must have one before Oct 11th- please email me. You can see more pictures of the bags over on my flickr site, under the Recycled Uniform set.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! ~jen~

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