Monday, October 6, 2008

The Spoonflower Fabulousness

You might remember, two posts ago when I showed you my Spoonflower ReannaLily Designs Logo print I ordered...

Well, as you might have guessed from my HUGE cheesey smile, I could not wait to do something with the fabric. At first I thought, "Oh, I love this fabric and I'm going to save it always." And then, to the delight of the Spoonflower company, I decided "Wait, I can use this and then always order MORE!!!" addict is born...

So what'd I make? What were the plans? How did the fat quarter speak to me? hehe. Well, I had lots of ideas, but I went with a quilt. Yes, a whole lap quilt based on ONE fat quarter. I cut 3.5" squares out of the fabric. I did have a narrow strip of printed RD fabric left over, now that, yes I'm hoarding! I combined my squares with a rainbow of 26 long strips.

I was inspired by Tonya's Lazy Gal's random slice-and-add method for making houses and Crazy Mom Quilts Little Strips quilt. I'd say my quilt totally benefits from their inspiration. Thank you.

The top is about 78" long and about 42" wide. Its a actual rectangle in REAL life, but you know how it is when you decide to take a photo of the quilt laying living room floor while you, the photographer, are standing awkwardly on the coffee table leaning as far as humanly possible to try to get a "square" shot without falling off. (Like you don't do it?!) I added the black pieces to give your eye somewhere to rest while you're looking at the rainbow. Those little white squares sprinkled in there are MINE. Holy smokes. The rest of the strips are out of my stash.

I have two big grand plans for the quilting of my top... but we'll see how that shakes down. =) I love the idea of quilting "clouds" on the top half of the quilt and making "raindrops" on the lower half. Oooh- but I also like the idea of long stitching lines across the length of the quilt, having them straight on the "plain" top side and gradually turn windy and twisty towards the bottom side. Either way, thats a while off. I like to brew on the ideas for a while, you know.

Hopefully I'll have a post of this little one quilted, after some time.

Thanks for checking it out! ~jen~

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amandajean said...

that is a cute quilt! nice job!